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Nokia N8-01 Leaks: Similar N8 But With QWERTY and Less MPs

If you are following me on Twitter you have probably heard about the Nokia N8-01, which is not the same N8 we all know. No one knew very well what the N8-01 was, until some days ago Eldar Murtazin from Mobile-Review mentioned that there is another version of the N8 that adds a QWERTY keyboard. I imagined that it was the pic we all saw some months ago, here it is:

And my thoughts were confirmed by today’s pic where now the real thing appears, not the rendering you see above. It looks to me like the exact same model, with an N8 inspired design and a long centered space bar in the keyboard. So here you go, the variant of the N8 which is known as N8-01:

The N8-01 will feature the same specifications of the Nokia N8, but for the camera which will be lowered to 8 MP instead of 12. The specs. are not clear yet but as I said, it is rumored to be just the same N8 with less MP to differentiate it from its keyboardless brother. Which ┬áby the way causes some confusion, I still prefer the simple N8, but now there will be people waiting for this one, and others who can’t decide. Do we really need two models? The N8-01 is still a rumor though, but it looks pretty legitimate, I would expect this phone to be announced in a few months. I also hope they come with something smart to make people understand it is the same N8 but with a slight difference, something like N8i, (remember 9300 and 9300i?) N8x, or even N8 Pro will do, I just hope it isn’t N8-01.

Thanks To Engadget

  • KK

    What is the point of this platform. Not one app has been mentioned in any review. How long do we wait like the two years for S60V5 and still no proper internet radio. Not even internet radio on the N8 so stupid anyone buying this. Only buying a camera really. Its like nokia think this is what everyone wants but its not. Wrong again. Realplayer is not even mentioned in any review so far.

  • Gerri

    is that for real or is it people just trying to get some publicity for themselves? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • A2ZeK

    i guess only the keyboard and camera difference is there. Otherwise everything will same..!!!!!!

    • Ed

      seems like the screen will be 4” too, which is nice because 3.5 feels short now that devices like the galaxy S and Droid X have <4'' screens

    • JasperTW

      sceen is bigger but the n8 can do more they cut some functions

  • Robbie-thompson

    its called the e7 look it up on gsmarena.com

  • joyie

    N8 Ultimate….

  • Anhtuan291185

    Very bad!