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Nokia N-Gage Games: Free Age Of Empires III Giveaway!

The N-Gage service from Nokia is getting better each day, more and more excellent games are coming often expanding the N-Gage service and adding more users and fans to the mobile gaming platform. I am not a big fan of N-Gage, I probably own 3 games right now on my N85 and play them once in a while, but now that there are more games to choose from I think I might be getting more into N-Gage and playing games on my mobile device. 


One of the most popular games ever is Age of Empires, and N-Gage just got a really complete and cool version of Age of Empires. The game is available for all N-Gage compatible devices and let me tell you, it is totally awesome!  I expected to see a mobile version of the game with limited functionality, but I am totally amazed by the quality and options this game brings for mobile devices, I just felt like playing Age of Empires on my PC when I first tried the game on the Nokia N85, everything from the sounds to the gameplay and graphics are very similar to the full PC version. I am very excited with this new game, I have been playing and enjoying it a lot.


Since the game is so good, here at the Nokia Mobile Blog we thought that we could give away one N-Gage license, you could get Age of Empires III free for your Nokia device or any other game since we are giving away one activation code. You just have to leave a comment with your real email, competition ends in 36 hours when we will announce the winner and email the activation code, so leave your comments!

Congratulations! Winner is…………..

The Winner of the free N-Gage game is ”Gian”!  The results were selected using the free service random.org. Congratulations to Gian! We will be contacting you shortly via email to give you your  free N-Gage license!

  • http://carltone65.wordpress.com Carlton Lindow Jr

    nice post edward, are you going to go a full review of it?

    • edward

      I might in the weekend, by the way, I don’t count for the competition….lol

  • http://www.zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Gotta love AOE3 ! Huge fan of the series so i was really happy to see it on N-Gage :D

  • Alsiladka

    Glad i hadn’t bought it already due to my exams. Lets hope this one goes my way, have got a lot of apps to buy as it is :(

  • Gryph0n

    Great to see n-gage gaining traction with new publishers

  • MaxChef

    I want Age of Empires please!!!!!!

  • Gian

    Best of luck to everyone on the AOE license!

  • Ryson

    I’m glad to see better quality games on n-gage like Age Of Empires III

  • Gusti Rizky Fajar

    I cannot wait to play this game…