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Nokia Music won’t be Available in the U.S – For Now.

Nokia introduced at Nokia World along with the Lumia series of devices an application that delivers free radio stations called Nokia Music. The app basically lets the user start playing a specific genre or type of music out of the box without any fees or even singing up for the service. The service that streams this music is called Mix Radio. Unfortunately, MixRadio nor Nokia Music will come to the US for now. Nokia confirmed yesterday at the Lumia 710 launch event that the service does not come with the device, Slacker Radio comes pre-installed to make up for the lack of Nokia Music. Mix Radio is also unsupported in Lumia 800s traveling all the way from the old continent, even if the Nokia Music app is installed, MixRadio won’t show up inside the app. Hopefully Nokia Music and MixRadio will come to the U.S with the upcoming Lumia devices early next year.

Via Twice