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Nokia Mobile Blog is back!

It’s been almost one year since I last published something here. By that time, Nokia’s situation was getting worse. Their future looked like a candle that would eventually run out and extinguish. As I explained in my departure post, being a Nokia blogger wasn’t fun anymore.

But that has changed. Nokia is now standing on a solid platform and on an even stronger leadership. The whole company has changed rapidly; the next chapter, whether successful or not, will sure give something to talk about.

Why blogging about Nokia? Why not blog about Android, iOS, and the many other exciting devices out there? The answer is simple: the image of Nokia as the leading mobile manufacturer has never left my mind. This ideal was definitely not sufficient for me to keep my interest in Nokia, it took something more tangible for them to grab my attention back. That attention-grabber I was waiting for resulted being the last thing I ever imagined; the move that got my attention back is no other than Elop’s decision to catch the Windows Phone lifeboat. There is nothing more easy, intuitive, fast, and fun in the industry than Windows Phone.

Nokia’s new strategy and approach towards how they will reach customers also got my attention; they have finally decided to enter the American market and conquer it. Nokia will use the U.S.A as the spotlight for their Windows Phone lineup; they are designing and creating the next generation of devices in Sunnyvale, California with the American consumer in mind. They will finally turn their back on unlocked–and overpriced–smartphones and will offer their upcoming Windows Phone devices at competitive prices subsided by American carriers. This new generation of Nokia phones will be backed up by millions worth in marketing and consumer awareness by no other than Microsoft, who working together with Nokia, will make sure Windows Phone becomes a success in the U.S.

What about the rest of the world? It is evident that whatever becomes successful in the U.S becomes successful in the rest of the world. Don’t take my words literaly, there are always exceptions, but Nokia has those covered as well. Nokia will take Windows Phone to lower price points; they will become fierce competitors by offering a great platform at prices that only Nokia’s economy of scale advantage and distribution could provide. They also have the amazing Nokia N9 that will soon start selling in many countries like Argentina, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, and Brazil.

“Nokia also has to learn how to lead in innovation again, they can’t become what they were and somehow still are: followers.”

Is it assured that Nokia will become a successful company again? Absolutely not. Nokia still has to learn how to execute their strategy in this new and unknown market. They can’t execute how they did in their golden years; those were different times in the industry. Nokia also has to learn how to lead in innovation again, they can’t become what they were and somehow still are: followers. There is always the possibility for Nokia’s upcoming smartphones to be flawed, have software/hardware issues, or even just zero appeal to the public. But we will be there along Nokia’s path, because as of now, Nokia is getting it again.

  • Katie @ WOMWorld/Nokia

    Welcome back Ed, we’ve missed you! 

  • Andelson Marcelino

    Well come Back, I never turned off your blog from my favorites. Put there some posts about symbian solutions beside of the news about Nokia and WP7 and evething will be fine. People are looking for solutions too.

  • http://twitter.com/JayMontano Jay Montano

    Woohooo :D What about LeG, is that going to continue too?

    • Anonymous

      I just entered college and NMB is a priority, don’t have very clear anything aside from that.

  • Rino

    Hi!, my next Mobile phone will be an N9, but never a Nokia Window Phone!. – and the most modern design is European, the North Americans people, all are rude cow boy that just know Mustang, Camaro, Corvette – Fords, GM etc.. and just few americans people can enjoy: Ferraris, Porche, Audi, Alpha Romeo, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Volvo, Saab, Lotus.. etc.. etc.., Maybe do you think that Apple invented the Mobile Phone, The touch screen, Mp3, Mouse, Computers, by the way Apple is an European Idea!. do you know Apple/Records/Beatles.
    You say:” Nokia still has to learn how to execute …..”, meanwhile, Microsoft it has been worse!, Zune1, Zune2 Kin, Window Mobile, WP, Wp7, Wp Mango, …tomorrow Wp8, all these have failed, a great fiasco!. 1 to 1.5 % market share!, or 4% in the US Market!,  even with the support of major manufactures trying to sell devices with Window Phone.
    Why WP fail, by the design?, of course not, it is the easy part!, guilty: the design, but not, the guilty is Microsoft!, people do not like Microsoft W Phone, do not believe me, ask your friend, and friends of your friends too!.
    Good luck to you.

    • Anonymous

      Wow….Where to start, that first paragraph you wrote is a sweeping generalization (which is a logical fallacy)

      The fact that Apple invented the *modern* smartphone is just indisputable, even the E6 has a capacitive touch screen. After the iPhone came out Nokia tried to imitate it with the 5800, N97, etc… By the way, Apple is not a European idea based alone in the fact that Steve Jobs is American.

      Everything but the Kin has not been a disaster; maybe not as successful as anything with an Apple logo, yet not a failure. Windows Mobile was definitely not a fiasco, it’s an early and pioneer OS in the industry that got old and was replaced with WP. WP has been praised by the internet, every friend I have that uses it, and every person that I ask on the streets.

  • ammar

    welcome back 

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Welcome back man! I was so happy to hear the news but couldnt get internet access to comment earlier hehe.

    • Anonymous

      ZOMG it’s CJ!