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Nokia Maemo 6: To Support Multitouch and Capacitive Screens | N920?

Today exiting things happened at the  Maemo Summit in Amsterdam, Nokia announced the official Qt port for Maemo 5 and the upcoming Maemo 6 platform. Although this doesn’t say a lot for those who don’t know much about Maemo, they are great news!

Since Nokia released its first touchscreen phone, people have been complaining about the unresponsive touchscreen on all of Nokia’s handsets: and its because Nokia has been using resistive technology instead of capacitive technology like lets say, Apple does on its iPhone. Resistive touchscreen feel the pressure rather than electricity, so the resistive touchscreen that Nokia uses are less accurate and responsive that capacitive screens on phones like the iPhone and all Android devices.


The good news are that the new Maemo 6 platform will support capacitive screens, and multitouch too! Two technologies that Nokia really needed on his devices to stay up to date. And that combined with the really sleek and innovative Maemo interface, will be a complete hit.

Will the still unknown Nokia N920 have a capacitive touchscreen? Seems that Nokia will get exciting again after now a long time of seeing cooler phones from the competition!

  • http://www.nokiausers.net RobertH

    im sorry but i have to disagree…capacitive screens are HELL for me personally to use. they are “too responsive” to me. this may be good news for some but not for me. plus i like the fact that the use of resistive screens arent limited to an electro touch…but i can use gloves etc and still operate the device…..(being from the caribbean and travelling to London alot the use of gloves is a must during the winter lol) but again this is just a personal opinion….

    • edward

      Well, have you never given your 5800/N97 to someone? They slide their fingers across like crazy and can’t make it work, the truth about resistive screens is that you have to use it with the nails. There are cons and pros, but overall, capacitive is more ”wanted” by the people

  • Jorge

    I have a 5800 and I slide like crazy, but with the device responding well, I must say is my second 5800 the first one I manage to break, and it had a very difficult screen to work with, this one has more sensibility.


  • dashti

    i buy n900 then you say n920 :@

    • edward

      It is still far far away,

  • salaheddine

    ijust got ma n900 and they come up with a newer one!! damn it surfing tech really annoys n hurts!

    • edward

      It is too far away for you to worry about, I would enjoy the N900, it will be the best phone for the next 6-8 months