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Nokia Lumia Tips and Tricks: Shoot 720p HD Video

The Nokia Lumia 800 is capable of recording 720p HD Video at 30 feet per second. However, this feature is not ON by default. You can change it on the camera settings, but this doesn’t mean the setting will be saved–next time you fire up the camera, your Lumia will record VGA resolution again. Here’s how to make sure your Lumia is always ready to record HD video whenever you need it without the need to take care of the settings ever time:

1. Long-press the camera button, the camera app should fire up

2. Tap the recorder on the upper-right hand corner

3. Now tap settings on the lower corner

4. Scroll all the way down and set the resolution to “720p”

5. Scroll all the way up and hit “Save Settings”

You are now ready to shoot HD video without the need to mess with the settings every time. To make the Lumia focus on the subject, half-press the camera shutter button.

  • Benjam louvlire

    Does your Nokia Lumia 800 camera button feel a bit mushy?

    • Anonymous

      no, but it could vary from device to device

  • Lewis Sollis

    Hi There!
    I have to admit that I have no idea that Nokia has a phone that run Windowd OS. Is it now available Worldwide or not yet?

    • Anonymous

      Not yet, but in 2012 it should be available pretty much everywhere.