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Nokia Lumia Outselling Android in UK, 2 Million Expected Sales

Yesterday I wrote a lengthy post about consumer interest for the Nokia Lumia in the six launching European markets after a Bernstein analyst, Pierre Ferragu, concluded Europe wasn’t interested in the Lumia after taking a look at this: Google Trends. After his report, another analyst joined claiming the Lumia 800 is “not breakthrough innovative,” and therefore sales would be disappointing. The result of all this amateurish speculation resulted in a 9% decline of Nokia’s shares.

Today, news seem to take another spin. Deutsche Bank is projecting 2 Million Nokia Windows Phone units being sold before the end of the year. Nokia is reporting that Lumia sales in the UK have been a success, surpassing every Nokia release in recent history. Vodafone UK, The Phone House in France, and other retailers consistently have the Lumia 800 in the number 2 spot of best selling phones behind the iPhone, meaning the Lumia 800 is outselling every Android smartphone out there. And stores in the UK are running out of 800s to sell.

  • Sharkit

    Nokia shares nosedived because the market collapsed yesterday, more than the rubbish these so called analysts spouted. It amazes me how people can claim to be analysts and experts and make a good living when they know so little about the things they are talking about.

    Seems Nokia sales are going fine, and should only improve as word starts to spread on these phones.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and I am sure more people will be interested in the Lumia when the Cyan and Magenta versions hit the market.

  • https://me.yahoo.co.jp/a/3SlSWdULJ72pMZj.28LSm3LuWVfEFg--#a3327 jamar

    I’ll be blunt- if I can’t take it into the pool with me and take photos underwater, it’s a no-go for me.

    • Anonymous

      saw that at Nokia World. A phone dropped into water, and still functioning