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Nokia Lumia Games: Chess For All (Free)

Best game on a phone in my opinion, Chess. I know there are some cool games for the Nokia Lumia, but chess is something you just can’t get tired of. I have found a very good chess app for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone devices. The app is called Chess4All, it is completely free but has non-intrusive adds on the bottom; they won’t be a problem.

This chess game lets you play against your Lumia (which I defeated as you can see in the pic), but also against other players online. The controls of the game are straightforward, the UI is responsive and fast, and the graphics are very good. There’s 8 different levels when playing against the phone. I can only win at level 2 at the moment, but I am working on that ;). The coolest thing however, is that you can play against other friends who have Windows Phone devices by just exchanging player numbers. Chat room is supported as well while playing. This app has so many features that I am going to go ahead and call it the best chess app for Windows Phone out there. You can find it here: WP Marketplace