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Nokia Lumia Apps: Pizza Hut hits the Marketplace

What I most love about Windows Phone is how many apps are being released for this amazing platform; in today’s smartphone arena, battles between ecosystems are fought with apps. What I find most amazing, however, is that Nokia users in the past didn’t benefit from apps–there just wasn’t a wide selection of apps to choose from;┬áluckily,┬áthis has changed and Nokia users can finally take advantage of thousands of apps that companies offer to make life easier.

Today Pizza Hut hit the Marketplace, and this is a pretty handy app for pizza lovers or those who have no idea what’s for dinner. Instead of looking up the phone number from your local Pizza Hut, and then having to go through the pains of ordering over the phone, the Pizza Hut apps lets you order pizza hut stuff right from your phone: you can even create your own pizza right from the app! You have three options: “Delivery, carryout, or dine-in.” Anyway, this app is really feature rich and extremely good looking, just search it up at the Marketplace.