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Nokia Lumia 900 Wins Lots of “Best of CES” Awards

The Nokia Lumia 900 was a success at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Since the first day the Lumia 900 was announced, it’s been turning heads and generating attention to Nokia’s re-entry to the American market. Well, seems like Nokia is on the road to success. The Lumia 900 has won five awards at CES for it’s design, innovation, and technology. ZDNet says that the Lumia 900 was the “best phone of CES,” Popular Mechanics gave an award for “outstanding achievement for product design and innovation,” and GottaBe Mobile declared the Lumia 900 “Best of Show, CES 2012.” That’s quite an achievement for Nokia, the Lumia 900 has not stepped into the American market yet and people are already loving it. It’s interesting to note the Lumia 900 beat several dual-core, etc… Androids, and other fellow LTE Windows Phone devices for these awards. Congratulations Nokia!

Via @keithnowak

  • http://twitter.com/epweet erik petersen

    Congrats! Can’t wait for the Lumia 900 to show up … line forming behind me :)

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      I am gonna camp outside my AT&T store! Cyan 900 is totally mine