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Nokia Lumia 900 vs. 800: Which One is for You?

The Lumia 900 and 800 weren’t spaced out very well by Nokia. Hopefully there aren’t many angry 800 users out there, the fact the 900 is 100 points higher doesn’t actually make it better for you. I have met at least one person who thinks the 800 suits his lifestyle better. So, what are the differences? Here’s a video explaining the basic differences between the 800 and 900; just remember there isn’t a better smartphone, there’s a best smartphone for you.

  • benjamlouvlire

    Personally I would go with the Lumia 800 because I don’t really see any justification in purchasing the 900. Indeed it has a bigger screen ¬†and front-facing camera, however with a 800×400 resolution it isn’t being utilized yet and Skype’s entry on WP is nothing but a disaster.