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Nokia Lumia 800 vs. Nokia N9: Fight!

Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia N9? So similar yet so different.

In reality, if the Lumia 800 didn’t have the three Windows Phone buttons, there would be no way to distinguish the Lumia from the N9: they are identical. They even come in the same colors, well, without counting the just announced white Nokia N9. The Lumia, however, has a smaller display at 3.7″ rather than 3.9″, and it also lacks a secondary camera; quite a disappointment. Anyway, here’s the Nokia Lumia 800 vs. Nokia N9 fight in pictures, you will see they are identical.

  • Sergio

    compreme uno de eso!!!!

  • Celvon

    N9 looks better, the screen ration on lumia 800 is weird compaired to the whole body

  • http://twitter.com/almehdin Daniel Sandman

    Yeah, the N9 is better on every point… bad decision of Nokia to go with WP7.

    • Anonymous

      How exactly is the N9 better in every point?

  • Pjotstra

    N9 has no hard camera button, also flash placement is differant. 


    where the speaker of lumia??

  • http://twitter.com/dabbu101 Dabbu

    The buttons actually eat up 2 inches of your mobile real estate! With the N9 you get more screen for a smaller size.
    Here’s why the N9 is a winner for me:-It is the real model. ..the Lumia 800 is a bit of an afterthought! It’s like the intelligent guys in class from whom the not so intelligent copy from ;)-Nothing comes close to the swipe  UI experience of the N9. It is probably as revolutionary as the first iPhone and way more than the G1 and  HTC Surround ( first WP7).  Remember people, this was the FIRST MeeGo phone.-I get an amazing 64 GB of my own storage.-I can connect to any PC without the need to install Zune first.-I am not TIED to Windows proprietary ecosystem.-I can download free apps from my-meego.com. There are quite a few crazy developers there. Same apps on the Marketplace will cost much more.-I get NFC with N9.
    -I get the front camera,  video call is expected to come through Peregrine.
    – I can SSH to the device and do my own little modifications.

    Finally, you can have something which is truly different from the herd in terms of user expereince. 

    Hoping HTML5 will make device based Apps obsolete! Then I’d like to see what’s the USP of iOS, Android or WP7 over MeeGo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001054909818 Jairul Diego

    hoho, for me n8 better than n9,

  • Peasdukas

    Sorry, but where did you get these photos? It’s very important to me…

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      Nokai World, I took them