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Nokia Lumia 800 Tips and Tricks: Bing Search is Amazing.

I used to think the Bing Search button on the Nokia Lumia 800 was not very useful, but I was wrong. The last couple of days I have been using Bing search a lot. There’s three different features you can use: musical search, visual search, and voice search. The one that is most impressive is the visual search button, it’s the best scanner I have ever used on a phone. The musical search is also very good, it works ten times better than Shazam because it’s really fast. For some reason, Shazam takes ages to load on Windows Phone. Anyway, here’s a video detailing all that Bing search can do on the Nokia Lumia 800, I am wondering how much you guys are using it, and whether it is useful or not!

  • Jerry CC Huang

    Hi, My Lumia 800’s search button acts different as yours, it just open IE with Bing Search page…

    • Anonymous

      that’s weird! Maybe regional availability? Try setting your phone to english?

  • L A Ntokas

    mine too.. it opens bing page.. :(

  • vipin

    hey my bing isnt showing music search option …..

  • Sandra

    I have the same problem!!! Search button opens Bing page just like on my computer (i’ve checked my settings and they are correct). What else can i do?