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Nokia Lumia 800 in India gets Price Tag and Pre-Order Date

The Nokia Lumia 800 is going to start appearing in more¬†countries, among those to receive the Lumia in the next couple of days, is India. The Nokia Lumia 800 is now available for pre-ordering in official Nokia Stores in India for Rs. 30,000, which is around 600 USD. That’s considerably cheaper than an iPhone 4S (1000 USD) and a Motorola Razr (700 USD). The Lumia 800 will actually be released in India before the end of the year, so the wait is not very bad considering it’s already December. Who’s going to pre-order the Lumia 800 in India? You can read my review if you are still not sure about it! Nokia Lumia 800 review.




  • Snehal Patel

    what about Lumia 710..???

    • Anonymous

      it’s been delayed until 2012…