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Let it Not be Nokia’s first WP in the US | T-Mobile and Lumia 710

Soon after both Nokia Lumia devices were announced, I checked NokiaUSA’s website; the Lumia 800 wasn’t showing up, but oddly enough, the 710 was right there taking most of the homepage. Soon after, the Nokia Lumia 710 passed the FCC with AWS bands, in other words, T-Mobile USA bands. You probably think that’s enough evidence, but T-News is reporting that sources point to a January announcement and release of the Lumia 710 with T-Mobile USA. The reports point towards a white and black color appearance, and codename “Sword.”

Now, here’s my opinion although no one has asked for it: if this is Nokia’s first WP in the U.S, we are in trouble. Nokia has to enter the U.S with pomp, circumstance, and fanfare–not a mid-end device (I am sorry but it’s the truth) no ones gives a crap about. It’s alright, in fact, phenomenal if devices like the 710 are introduced to the U.S, but please Nokia, make a comeback with a world class champion, not the 710.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. They need to zoom back into the minds of smartphone-buying Americans with a Porsche or Ferrari, not a “very nice” Honda.