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Nokia Looking to Sell the Nokia House

I couldn’t believe it when I read it; it seemed more like a practical joke than real news coming from Reuters. Nokia’s spoke-person Maija Taimi made the following statement to the international news agency:

We are evaluating different options for non-core parts, such as real estate holdings, and that includes the headquarters.

Nokia is trying to lose all the fat and become a quick and agile company, ready for industry changes and consumer demands. In order to maintain liquidity, Nokia is looking to sell some stuff that is not what they call “core-assets.” Apparently, the beloved Nokia House, falls within that category. It is not clear whether the House is “up for sale” and they are actively looking for a bidder, or it is simply available should any company want it. It is estimated the Nokia House is worth around $250-$380 million dollars.

Sad announcement, hopefully the Nokia House doesn’t go away…