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Nokia Leaks: 4 New Nokia Phones Leaked | Plenty of Specs And Pics!

After the major leak about the Nokia N900, there are  four more leaks and rumors coming from Nokia! First of all, they are all mid-level phones, probably not even from the Eseries or Nseries line, but interesting nonetheless. Apparently they are all for the North American Carrier ATT, but we think there will be unlocked versions. We will start in order, here is the first leak:

Nokia Thresher:

The Nokia Thresher carries the name from a funny type of shark, but remember this is just a codename, the final model with go with regular Nokia branding, for this particular model, probably the classical combination of four digits. Anyway, the Nokia Thresher is a S40 device, with a 3.2 MP cameraand a 2.4” display. The Thresher has an optical joystick and a very similar design to the Nokia N85 and strangely enough, the iPhone! The Thresher is a mid-level phone:


Nokia Mako

The Nokia Mako has the name of another shark, it is a Symbian S60 device, meaning it has full smartphone functionality. To that add a QWERTY keyboard and a built-in GPS. As the Thresher, the Mako has a 2.4 inch screen, however, this device is a bit deceptive with no 3G and a 2.5mm Audio Jack, it is a low end smartphone! But even though the specifications are not appealing at all, the Nokia Mako does have an attractive and weird form factor similar to the Nokia E75 although smaller, here are the pics:


Nokia Snapper

The Nokia Snapper, which has the name of another big fish, is a flip phone in the low end segment of the market. It is focused on music although with a 2.5mm Jack which is of course not convenient at all for a music oriented phone, at least it has music dedicated keys, 2 Megapixel camera and a good battery life


Nokia Grouper

Probably the worse Nokia phone ever, and the guys behind it are just not original att all since the Nokia Grouper is the exact copy of a very well known Motorola handset, it looks exactly the same, it even has the same shade of blue! Anyway, the Nokia Grouper is very similar to the Snapper, with 2Megapixel cam, Bluetooth and low-end specifications, there are the pictures:


Via: GSMarena and Engadget

  • Johan

    The tresher looks just like the iphone, u are right lol

    • edward

      Yeah, that Nok does not look like a Nok, weird!

  • Tedzapasi

    do something about fake imitiations…..gtide made a similar E71

    • edumana

      I highly doubt this is a fake one, look at the label, and the Nokia prototype labels and stuff

  • http://www.driveabc.co.uk Asroxx

    I like Nokia because they are really easy to use