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Nokia Launches OVI Store – Nokia’s Version of Apple’s AppStore


A thing all Nokia users needed and were asking for now a long time, was an easy way to get and install applications on the device.   For example Apple and Android have the AppStore and AppMarket respectively, and installing any kind of application on the device with those two services  is extremely easy to the grade you just have to touch one button on the screen and it will automatically install.  Having such an easy method to let the user install applications is a big plus because users can enhance and customize their phones.

With Nokia devices the story has been a bit different, there has been applications for Nokia S60 devices long before Apple even tought of the iPhone, but to install an application on a Nokia device you had to actually go in your computer and search, a thing that only one small part of consumers do.  Besides many times the application was unsigned and to sign an application advanced technological skills were requiered, letting even more people without applications on their phones.

Now Nokia announced today a solution, I would say Nokia did it a year late but better than never.  The name, at least, is completely original ”OVI Store” . OVI Store is basically like AppStore and AppMarket, OVI Store will be first released with the Nokia N97 in June and can be installed on S40 and S60 devices since that date.  OVI Store will enable the user to not only get applications but also get videos, graphics, ringtones, games, themes and other content users love.  I think that OVI Store will be a complete success and will make the N97 a much better device than it already is.