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Nokia is Launching Between 15 and 20 New Devices This Year

The director of marketing at Nokia India recently said that Nokia is expected to announce between 15 and 20 new devices this year. Of course we are not only talking about smartphones here, but everything from the Nokia 100 up to the 900. This lines up with previous news about Nokia announcing new Windows Phone devices every three months; after all, they need to populate their portfolio after the Windows Phone transition. Next week at CES Nokia is expected to announce at least one device for the U.S on American carrier AT&T, and we could possibly see the next announcement at the Mobile World Congress just a few weeks after CES. This sure looks like an exciting year for Nokia!

Via: Business Standard

  • http://techsten.wordpress.com/ techsten

    good news, sick of android sh*t everywhere!

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      Have to admit it’s refreshing to see something else than Android phones here in the U.S, I want Nokia to bomb the U.S with Lumia ads. Superbowl, etc… the whole deal!