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Nokia is Expecting a Big Response from CES Announcement

Today I was reading Nokia Conversation’s post “2011, What a Ride!” and thought it was interesting to highlight two things from this article. First, seems like Nokia Conversation’s servers actually crashed when the Lumia 800 was announced at Nokia World; the interest for the Lumia 800 was so big that tons of people were trying to access the site making it overload and go offline. But more interesting is to know that Nokia is expecting a similar response from their announcement at CES. Heidi from Nokia Conversations says “we’ve learned from it and carried out some extensive testing to prevent the same thing from happening again at CES at the beginning of January.” This might indicate that Nokia will introduce something equally exciting at CES this year and is expecting a big response from the public as well. I can’t wait for January 9th!

  • Emran_am7

    I am sure i will be a great device. Just can not wait anymore to get it.