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Nokia is Awesome, and so is Elop

Mark Guim recently sent a tweet linking to an official YouTube video from Nokia. The video is not your typical Nokia video though, this one includes Ferraris, Las Vegas’ party-scene, and Elop doing a reference to the movie “The Hangover,” (which I don’t need to remind anyone was filmed in Vegas). I don’t know about you, but I find this hilarious and awesome at the same time.

Nokia took one of the best T-Mobile sales rep for an awesome trip to Vegas. From the video, it sure looks like he had fun: helicopters, fast cars, Vegas… don’t really need to say more. It’s great to see Nokia doing unusual stuff like this, specially if they feature a CEO doing a Hangover reference.


  • Anonymous

    This is great, lots of fun. I really hope Nokia does well in the States this year. They deserve it with all the work they’re putting into their new image and marketing. Plus their Lumia phones are so different from the run-of-the-mill dull slabs that are all over the place. I’m glad they’re bringing their fresh, innovative designs into the US market to shake it up a bit. Of course, I *really* wish the N9 was sold here, but I’m glad it’s design will be seen out in the US wild soon enough. Good stuff  :)

  • Anonymous

    Great fun! I really hope Nokia do well in the States with their Lumia phones. Of course, I’d prefer it if the N9 was being sold here, but it’s not. But I got mine!!  :)

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    Yeah..no doubt that Nokia is awesome.
    There sales of T mobiles of Nokia has achieved great heights.