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Nokia Internet Radio For The E72: How To Install It

I am not a fan of the Nokia Internet Radio, I remember having it on my Nokia E90 and not using it. However, I frequently see people complaining why this app is not compatible for newer Nokia smartphones like the E72. I first didn’t pay attention, but as I continued to see people wanting this app I just thought: ”why not try a version for other phone and see if it works”? ┬áThat is what I did, I tried the Nokia Internet Radio for other specific phone and tried it on my Nokia E72.

The Internet Radio works perfectly, you can search, browse, listen, and pretty much do everything. Even over EDGE I could listen to any station without interruption. The only problem I noticed is that at first the two softkeys are vertical instead of in landscape mode as the screen of the E72, they fix automatically after you press them. I am sure that the Internet Radio works in more unsupported devices, but as I just have the E72 to try in, I didn’t want to say it worked with more devices. You can download Internet Radio for the Nokia E72 here: Internet Radio . After installing Internet Radio on your Nokia E72, you will find it in ”Media”> ”Radio”. Go ahead and try it on your unsupported device! Tell us if it works so we can make a list of devices that work and don’t work.

  • http://www.mobilephonebatteries.org/ olivia Smith

    Great to see they adopted that horrible E63-sized space key.

  • heny

    thanks works great with my e72.

  • http://thenokiablog.com Mark

    I love internet radio on the Nokia N900! Glad it’s working on the E72 as well =)


    E72 is very nice device i like this


    yup… its working on my E72. thanks

  • AlterEgo

    Hello from Germany.
    Thanks for showing this easy way to hear i-net-radio.
    There’s one problem for me. I can’t add a self picked radio station by the manual way.
    No problem entering the adress an the name, but there is no chance to complete it.
    Maybe you have an idea for this problem on the e72.

  • kim

    i’ve got this message “unable to install, component is built in”

  • Sam

    Works perfectly on my E72. Thanks

  • akn

    thanks a ton internet radio working on my e72

  • Kazim Ulu

    The solution to get Internet Radio for your Nokia E72:

    The E63 is more close to E72 being newer on the market, so I’ve tried to install IR for E63 and it returned the message “install base application first”.
    So I’ve installed the Nokia 5320 Xpress Music version first.
    And then after installation first you don’t see anything in your MENU, but the next step is: Install the version of Internet Radio of the E63 version on top of it. After Installation of this file, you can find the Internet Radio back in the Menu > Application. it worked like a charm. I now have lanscape mode IR working perfectly on my E72.

    The link to find the installation files on the official nokia website.


  • undead_m0nkey

    Anyone else having a problem with interruptions in sound whenever the stream is higher than 96kbps? As soon as the screen light goes off, it starts periodically, interrupting the sound for a second or so

  • andrew

    it works great thanks

  • BoogieWoogie

    How can I uninstall this and revert to the standard radio? This messed up the functionality of the phone, it crashes and lags sometimes really a lot. I use the “play inbackground” for the radio, and I cannot get back to play after I disconnect the headphones for the day. It goes to the app, but it’s not possible to resume playing.

  • Robson

    Comment Comentário


  • Fowsul

    Verrry goooooooooooooood Radio works super……………… NOKIA

  • daniel nanton

    excellent, it works perfect on my E72, and to tell you the truth it was a big disappointment to not find it in the first place.

  • david87

    hi guys,
    thx for download but is it possible to set the ethernet radio as my alarm-bell in the morning?

  • noke72

    this is perfect man…thanks so much…i looked all over the nokia site too and none helped…i love you for this major help as i moved from 71 to 72…

  • noke72

    so good is this that i found some religious radio stations tha really helped me…so thx again and bless u buddy .. Thx

  • Yo

    Gracias, funciona perfectamente en E72. It works proberly in E72

  • matts

    after you install it even when it shows installation failed go to ‘media’ and check if it is there. I have tried to install different versions on my E63 and each time there was some error but it was on my phone anyway.

  • sbmatos

    I recently purchased an e72 and was concerned about the lack of internet radio on my phone. I tried several applications (Mundu Radio and V Radio) and while they worked on my phone, they were constantly buffering their streams of music. I just installed internet radio and have had it on for over 30 minutes. No buffering whatsoever. Thank You for this wonderful information!

  • Eduardo

    HELP!!! I tried to install the internet radio in my E72 and the sign “UPDATE ERROR” appears after trying to install it. No installation has been possible. Can you tell me what’s happening and what to do? Thanks!!! Greetings from Colombia.

  • param

    i ve e72 with new ver having in buit internet radio..woking great. 09898396191

  • Elliott

    Great !!! I found fantastic stations and added them to my favourites.Have a look at some radios from Portugal.Very nice eletronics and chilli music.I found there Radiio Paradise and Soma FM.For me they are the best.And if you want news i suggest Deutsch Weil in english and Fox News also.Thanks a lot buddy for your help !!!

  • Dan

    This works awesome, i’ve tried many other ways to get it on my e72, this is the only one that worked. Love the self install, beats having to use Ovi Suite. Cheers Champion!

  • Jake Sobbs

    Hey, this is wonderful. The Nokia Internet Radio application works well with my Nokia E72. I have been looking for this app cause its got thousands of stations you can choose from. You have the world to listen to.

  • Jake Sobbs

    Thank you for providing the Nokia Internet app at you website.

  • Nicke

    Great! Many thanks it works perfectly on my E72/Nicke

  • Madhav Bhat

    Same here on my Nokia E72 – Update Error. The strange thing (for me) is that there is already an Internet Radio in the Media – Radio section but though I am able to browse the stations directory I have never been able to connect to any one yet.

  • Larry

    I have same problem, get an Update Error message. Has anyone fixed this problem successfully?

  • Q-killer

    WOW! after many long hours of trying to get it to work on my e73 mode, this guide works! Thanks very much!

  • Schermnaam

    works on E73 Mode. Thanks!

  • Aydin

    HELP!!! I tried to install the internet radio in my E72 and the sign “UPDATE ERROR” appears after trying to install it. No installation has been possible. Can you tell me what’s happening and what to do?

    Thanks. Aydin

  • Clickstar15

    this works perfectlly in my e72!!!!thank youu bro

  • Hussanway

    i can very much helpful this website i can install this software in my e72 phone

  • Edubarca1946

    Update error, appears also on my E72. Anybody has a solution for this?

  • dlp

    I tried Internet radio app two years ago … it dint work.
    today i again got interest in trying this app and found your post.. thanks to your link, the app installed properly on my Nokia-C5. thank u very much… :)