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Nokia Headset Design Competition Headsets Get Real

Nokia was running a competition some months ago called ”Nokia Music Almighty Headset Design Competition”, the users were asked to create innovative, crazy and cool looking headsets that would be later materialized into real fully working models that would be showcased in the many Nokia Flagship Stores over the world. The 5 winners would get a trip to London, England to see how their designs were produced, and later the headset itself after giving the journey around the world being exposed in Nokia Flagship stores. And after watching some really crazy designs in paper, today the designs were finally materialized into fully working bluetooth headsets.  Some of them are totally out of this world and others look more normal, sadly this models will not be mass produced and released in the market, they are just concepts to show in the Nokia Flagship stores and amaze everyone who sees them.  Here are the designs still in ”paper”, just a dsign generated with a computer

And here the materialised headsets







It is amazing to see how this designs, that looked absolutely amazing and impossible to exists in real life, were actually produced in real life to look exactly as they looked in paper. It would be really nice if Nokia decided to produce a limited edition off each headset so people could actually buy them, remember this are fully working Bluetooth headsets!

Via: Creative Blog