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Nokia has let me down…

Being a Nokia blogger is not as exciting as it was some years ago. Nokia has been playing the “catch-up” game for too long now. They used to be the leader.

I was just playing with my Nokia N93 and I realized why I started a Nokia blog in the first place: they were the ones that came up with the cool gadgets, the innovations – and everyone else played the catch-up game.

But Nokia stopped innovating. Its last effort, the N8, makes me feel sad when I compare it to my other phones. In every other aspect, but the camera, the N8 lags behind my Galaxy S, and more recently, my Samsung Focus.

I have to be honest, I sold the N8 I won in a contest. I was not using the N8, it was just pretty hardware with an annoying, horrible, and unattractive UI and UX.

I have not given up on Nokia though. There is MeeGo coming as well as the updates that used to be Symbian 4. But until Nokia gets my attention back, this blog will remain without updates…..

  • http://twitter.com/cliffordloh Clifford Loh

    Being a Nokia user myself, I’m sad to hear about it, but it is the harsh reality.

  • http://twitter.com/alexcalva alexcalva

    Sad :(

  • http://www.techans.com/ Nikhil Pai

    My thoughts exactly. In fact the thoughts of most people nowadays!

  • http://twitter.com/JayMontano Jay Montano

    You sold it? :o I didn’t even know you could do that. Not that I would, ever. :p Not with devices straight from the N folk.

    I feel your frustration with Nokia, and being a Nokia Blogger has more patience than the ordinary person who would encounter similar problems. There are glimmers of brilliance here and there which gives me hope that they can eventually put them all together in a coherent product that will satisfy even the most demanding user.

    As you say, MeeGo is around the corner and as are the new FW updates for Symbian (although the one bringing the S^4 like changes isn’t coming till summer – apparently).

  • Anonymous

    Ricky Cadden all over again.

  • http://twitter.com/Smartfonefan laurencedoherty

    beauty is only skin deep…that makes you pretty shallow. I’d take decent hardware over eye candy any day of the week…

    • Anonymous

      what about not being able to have a decent web browser? And that analogy between humans and phones just doesn’t work.

      • http://www.sadude.com SaDudE

        You install opera, problem solved

  • Usersbbs

    N8 is the only device has all these: 12m cam; 720p vid cap; HDMI; USB OTG; BT3.0, 802.b/g/n which iPhone can’t provide. Besides, it has anodised aluminium shell and gorilla glass screen which make those unlike those iphone liked phone, such as i9000.

    I admit iphone is more smooth than N8 but laugh at those android phone. I also admit the UI on N8 should be improved. Just this. Feel pity for you.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t get it, this is not an iPhone-Nokia war, is not even a “who has better specs war.” The N8 as a whole can’t stand against any modern, high end-smartphone, but, for the camera, as I said. The battle right now is mainly on UX and UI, not who has the most megapixels.

      The only specs you mention other phones don’t have are 12MP cam and USB OTG. The rest is there…

  • http://mobipedia.in Hardeep Singh

    Breaking News: Little known blog trying to milk an overused idea to get visitors to the site.

    • Anonymous

      exactly what I am trying to do!

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  • http://twitter.com/iCThaBitchNU Mike ReLiC

    There need to be more ppl like you instead of fan boys sticking up for nokias lack of respect for the consumer, and i say that with much adulation. As nice as the hardware is on the outside theres no excuse for your flagship in 2011 to hot have a 1ghz processor regardless of the graphix processors you put into it to compensate. it could have been that much better. Sorry software included nokia has lost any one with half of a truely sensible brain. That said a 1 ghz E7 w/N8 camera would still be on my list of things to get.

  • Anonymous

    it does not matter who is the leader and catch up. Just use what you feel is best for you.

    my point is even though Nokia is playing catch-up as you say, it didn’t really make all Nokia phones loose functionality. I guess it is just the “bragging rights” that people loose.

    Latest specs/trends/looks does not mean everything. But I understand it is everything to a gadget geek ;)

    • Anonymous

      I understand it doesn’t have to feature crazy specs, but a usable web browser and email client are just minimum requirements.

      • giorgio

        Let’s face it. Once you browse the Internet with and iphone, a Nokia phone looks so 1999. I still use Nokia because all the functionality *I need* is there. But I have to tell you… I’m jealous as hell whenever I use iOS on a friend’s iphone. It’s like a device from space and I’m not saying that Nokia should copy android or iOS. I need them to understand that things are NOT as they used to be and move on.

  • Anonymous

    I am very happy because Nokia has released N8, it is a very good phone for me. Before that I have N82, it is a great phone as well. N8 can do a lot for me now, and with the upcoming software update, it can be even better. Now I don’t need to think much about other touch phones.

  • Stein Rubenstein

    Come on are you serious…the Galaxy thing you where comparing with the N8 has a 1GHZ processor compared to the N8’s 680 MHZ ..

    Internet, wifi, browser and emails are not the only things to be compared.

    and as far as font is considered, N8 has a display size of 360 x 640 pixels, 3.5 inches while Galaxy S has 480 x 800 pixels, 4.0 inches. Obviously Galaxy S’ font will be bigger because of lower resolution and a bigger screen

    The UI issues some US people claim are nokia’s weaknesses well researched and tried user flows, the issues with browser and what not are easily remedied with a software update…or you can use another browser like opera for the time being..while the hardware issues with galaxy /android and iphone cant be fixed after sale.

    Wait i am not finished, ..with the galaxy’s mighty 1GHZ processor, it has frequent lags with constant usage and uses up and obscene amount of battery life..all in a short span of time,

    Also try transmitting music via fm to you car radio or using your galaxy as a satellite car navigation device (Nokia) comes with free for life accurate pin point maps GPS etc, try connecting your galaxy to a flash drive or external hard drive (even up to terra bytes),try using your galaxy as a home theatre system and projector, connect it via HDMI to your HD tv, with Dolby plus digital surround sound,try taking 12 Mega pixel photos with your galaxy,taking video’s at 720p, try editing said videos and high def images on your “super phone”

    N8 does all these things and so much more..the 3 -4 software udates that are coming this year will sort this out.

    While your galaxy S or Iphone cant just magically grow the N8’s amazing features

  • NotAFollowerAnymore

    Hi Ed – its sad to read your post. I am developer for Android and Nokia. Interesting fact: Nokia fails time after time, but still they are SO arrogant to fuck their developers all the time. Hate Nokia, LOVE Android.

  • José Roberto

    Galaxy S have a Carl Zeiss? well i stay with n8

  • José Roberto

    Use “Photo Quality Comparison” from gsmarena

  • Ashley Forrester

    This is the first review that I am reading that says that Nokia phones are disappointing. I have been using N72 since 3 years and I really happy with it.

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  • http://www.squidoo.com/nokia-5250 Sparky5

    Nokia is still doing well in its entry level phones is emerging countries. Hope WP7 brings positive change to nokia.