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Nokia Golf App: Distance Finder For Nokia Devices | Mobitee

It amazes me the many tasks a Nokia smartphone like the N97 can complete, you can install apps and gain new functionality without buying extra hardware. Here is one of those apps that really amazes me: Mobitee. Mobitee is a personal mobile golf assistant app for Nokia touchscreen devices like: 5800, N97 (Mini), X6, 5530, 5520 etc… Mobitee comes in two versions, a ”Lite” free version that is really nice, and a paid version with the complete functionality if you need something more complex than the Lite version.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to try this on the golf course, but the app looks promising. I found this app because I was needing a distance finder, those little telescopes that you can aim at something and the laser tells you how many yards are there to the objective. Those, are really expensive, and I was sure that the GPS on my N97 could tell me the distance to the hole. That is what MobiTee helps you in, it tells you using the GPS on your device, how many yards are there to the hole. MobiTee has also other features like score card and lets you find nearby golf courses. I still don’t know which features are ”Lite” and which ones not, but the app is really well designed, has cool animations and everything. You can find MobiTee here: MobiTee

  • Ali

    hmm good sharing.. free version for 5800 is great.

  • Borja

    very few golf courses available, mainly in France

  • Fergus

    Bought the full version & tested it today & while the distances weren’t perfect, they were good enough for me to change my club selection a few times for the better saving me a few shots. 
    Very happy (I have a Nokia E72).
    I also requested they add another local course by email & it was done within 24 hours.
    Very pleased.
    (GPS eats the battery, but it comfortably lasted the 4 & a bit hour round on my E72)