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Nokia Games: Free Multiplayer Bowling Game For Your Nokia

screenshot0058I was watching Hulu when a really funny ad from Malibu Rum showed, it said in a pretty funny voice that there was a free Bowling game for my mobile phone available. And well, I headed to their website and indeed there is a free bowling game. I downloaded the game on my Nokia N85 and I have to say it is pretty funny and interesting. Even though it is just another way to advertise their rum, the game is very well done and is lots and lots of fun.

It is a basic bowling game, but particular just as the whole rum company. You can choose between a coconut and a watermelon to play with, and of course the pins are rum bottles. The game as pretty cool sounds that you can also download as a ringtone, I like them very much. You can also choose among many scenarios like an aquarium, a ttiki-bar and others. But the coolest feature so far is that you ccan play with a friend! It is also a multiplayer game, you can have a ragular bowling match with a friend and use just one phone. The game is pretty cool, you can download it in two ways, either point your Nokia to malibu.golgek.mobi  or go to malibu-rum.com with your PC. You have to be above the legal age of your country to play this game! And it is not compatible with the 5800 or the N97.

Compatible With: Nokia N96, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N86, Nokia N85, Nokia N82, Nokia N81, Nokia N79, Nokia N78,, Nokia E71, Nokia E75, Nokia E55, Nokia E52…