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Nokia E75 Now Available – E75 NAM Has To Wait


Nokia just announced that the Nokia E75, announced 2 months ago, is now available and shipping to stores. The Nokia E75 is Nokia’s first slide out QWERTY device with improved E-Mail functions as well as user interface. Nokia claims that the E75 offers the full email experience that a desktop offers, and that the device is a mobile office handling Files on Ovi and more. But the E75 is not all business, it also supports the very popular mobile gaming platform, N-Gage to play full 3D videos on the go. The E75 also supports all media features such as video, music ( 3.5mm Audio Jack) and pictures with share online and much more. The E75 packs a 3.2 Megapixel camera with Flash and AutoFocus, GPS, WI-FI and 3G are also on board. The E75 is supposedly the Nokia 9300 successor, but I definitively don’t see it like this, the Nokia 9300 was my first and best device so far; and the Nokia E75 is just not a replacement, it is not even a communicator, it is a new concept of phone.  

The released version of the E75 was the Euro version, the North American Version for North and South America still has to wait a couple of months judging by how long Nokia takes to release tha NAM with other versions, I would say that around 1 or 2 months. But even tough the E75 will come in NAM version, the  Euro version has only one 3G band to connect to ATTs 3G network in the USA, that means that the Euro version should have parcial 3G coverage in the USA, of course the NAM will have the complete coverage.