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Nokia E72 Review: Surprise Box and First Impressions

If you are following me on Twitter, @NokiaMobileBlog, you probably know that I got a surprise box from my friends at Nokia WomWorld. Initially, they didn’t want to tell me what was on the 18pound box coming in the mail, even more mysteriously, I was supposed to crack some code to open the box.

The surprise box arrived today, and, I got a really nice surprise! A gigantic crystal case, locked with a big metal lock and a Nokia E72 being held gracefully in someone’s hand. Fortunately for me, the hinges of the box were broken, I could get the E72 straight away out of the box. Enjoy the pics from the unboxing below; and, some very early first impressions on the bottom.

First Impressions:

I definitively was not expecting a Nokia E72, but it came in the right time since the E72 NAM just hit the market. The Nokia E72 is the successor  from the extremely popular Nokia E71. At first sight, the Nokia E72 feels just as solid as the E71, a bit thicker but its probably just a mm. The E72 has slightly rubberized keys which makes texting much easier than with the slippery keys from the E71, I have proven before that rubberized keys are more effective: like on the E63 and E71x. The keys are arranged a bit different on the E72, we’ll see later if they are indeed better placed.

The Optical NaviKey, a strong point in the E72, is still a mixed bag of negative and positive opinions.

The camera is still untested, a 5 Megapixel Camera with Auto-Focus and Flash, no Carl-Zeiss Lens though. The E72 feels good so far, I have had it for just a couple of hours and wanted to share the unboxing as quick as possible, so no deep insight for the moment! Stay tuned for the full Nokia E72 review here at NMB!

  • robby

    Hmmm.. Ws planning to buy 1.. bt cn u give some more reviews??
    Infact i alrdy hv booked 1 E72 for myself

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  • AKS

    E72 Bad Things:-
    – It does not auto recognise capital alphabet like E71
    – When u type fast it skips some alphabet
    – When u insert a Image in a word sheet it doesnt recognise
    – Whenever u restart ur phone most of the times u lose your email setting.
    – Web browsing is slower than E71
    – You cannot underline or use bold or italic through shortcuts in word like Ctrl U, B, I like E71
    – This phones hangs now and then like a windows based.
    – Contacts shortkey does allow u to add new contact after long hold.
    – Basic Barcode reader is missing.
    – Web Feeds in missing in he bookmark list, u need to go to setting and find it.
    – Mailbox clock switches the date at 12 noon. So u get the mail dated to next date.
    – Memory card in setting is missing which was usefull in E71, like format etc.
    – Nokia has saved it time by not making new O.S. Has used N-Series user interface which does match with the E-Series User Interface.
    – Optical Key not at all usefull
    – The System is so slow that even setting come very slow, and if u try to select things fast then it leaves you back to the home screen including surfing mails.
    -Battery Backup is only about 1 and half days, and more worse is that u cannot trust this phone as day 1 it shows full battery, and second day you wont even come to know when it comes from full to drain.
    – Even if Wi-Fi server is not found it still says Hidden Wi-Fi found.
    – In Opera 10 Browser u cannot use ‘U’ it only uses *
    – Even space bar key hangs now and then and to use it we need to restart the phone.

    People please tell Nokia to find a way out of all this..

  • Fahad ali

    How can we track sent messages in Nokia E72
    or is there any application for this purpose?

  • Bliz

    Any application to track sent messages?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HIZD2AQUNWPOTOF2LNNIDY2QSM Aditi

    This phone is the successor to Nokia E71 and E71x and is a solid handset with more internal memory, faster processor, and better camera. The phone also has voice guided navigation courtesy of Ovi maps. This phone still has the same strong messaging capabilities and sleek design as its predecessor.
    Nokia E72 Review