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Nokia E72 Overview – Lots of Cool Specs! | Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 was announced some days ago, being the successor of the very popular Nokia E71. The E72 is just like the E71, has same screen, keyboard and form factor; but the E72 ads pretty cool things over the old E71. The 5 Megapixel camera is one, and compared to the 3.2 Megapixel camera of the E71, the E72 will take better pictures for sure. The E72 also adds noise cancellation technology. When you have the E72 in your ear, you can’t hear at all the outside noise but just the person with who you are talking with; that seems a great improvement and we are eager to try that out. But I think the most important update from the E72 is the Optical-DPad, with it you can ¬†scroll your emails more naturally as well as menus and the whole device in general. In the E72, with just sliding your finger down, you can scroll down; we think that the optical d-pad in the E72 is the greatest and most useful improvement over the E71.¬†However, we do think that Nokia could have improved other things. My main complain is the screen, the E72 will have a 2.4 inch screen, I would really like to see a 2.6 display. Here is a video overview of the Nokia E72

nokia e72 black

  • ub

    nokia e72 is just like blackberry i dont know why they copy the blackberry in first place.

    • edward

      Hhaha, nooo.. Nokia has that form factor now for a long time, forr example the E62, but I don’t blame you, Blackberry has mastered that form factor

  • james

    hi edward its nice gadget and i wish if i can one of of this one. i am not sure how much it cost to get this one.

  • Kaisar Ahmmed

    I just like nokia phone.