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Nokia E72 Now Available in White: I Want One!

Nokia has this horrible custom of releasing different colors of the same phone several months after they are launched. One good example is the Nokia E72. It originally came in three colors, then, almost 5 months after, Nokia announces the E72 in purple, and now, Nokia is offering the E72 in white! The E72 looks particularly good in white, it looks like a completely different phone: elegant, beautiful and classy. This color upgrade of the Nokia E72 probably positions the E72 among the most good looking phones ever. Its pure Nokia-style design, powerful features (although I struggle with the screen), and now this sexy color makes me desperately want one of this E72s. Lets see if Nokia makes it available quickly.

The E72 with all white accessories.


  • mukesh rangani

    i wante a white color nokia E72