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Nokia E72 NAM Now Available! Comes At The Right Time

I was very shocked this afternoon when I opened NokiaUSA to check if there were any discounts and saw the Nokia E72 next to a ”Buy Now” button. I thought, ”this phone hasn’t been released in Euro/Asia and it has not been in pre-order in the last weeks.” Well, it is not an error! The Nokia E72 NAM is officially available at NokiaUSA for $469.00us.

nokia e72 nam

It is amazing, that the E72 NAM is available. Nokia did it really well this time, first, the US received the E72 before anyone else, instead of the usual 3 months waiting time. And, there was no Pre-Order! The E72 went available without a pre-order stage which just causes more problems than benefits. Congrats Nokia! Finally you can release a phone in a decent way! The E72 comes just in time for Christmas. However, would be nice if it came with a subsided ATT price.

Anyway, the E71 successor, the E72 is a worthy successor! Among the remarkable features of this amazing phone are the optical NaviKey which functions more or less like a mouse pad, a 5Megapixel camera and all the good features high-end Eseries devices have. Here is the link for the E72: NokiaUSA