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Nokia E71 For ATT To Land in May – Nokia E71x


The Nokia E71, which has been available for now 8 months, will be available in the North American Carrier ATT as the Nokia E71x.  The E71x has been previously spotted in leaked pictures with the ATT branding on the bottom, but so far the release date was unknown and all estimate launching dates failed to be accurate. But today the word comes directly from AT&T which will officially release the Nokia E71x in May for a very appealing price of $100us on a two year contract.

The E71x for ATT, however, is not the same E71 Nokia has been selling very successfully for now almost a year. The E71x includes ATT specific customization including a whole new interface, it also replaces  Nokia services such as Maps and Music Store with the ATTs version of each service. The Nokia E71x is said to run the newer Feature Pack 2, opposite to the Feature Pack 1 that runs on the E71 globally available.


The Nokia E71x could give a boost to Nokia sales in the USA since it is the first high-end device with S60 offered by a North American carrier since the Nokia 6650. Avian Securities analyst Matt Thornton says that the E71x could become the third best selling device from ATT after the iPhone and the Blackberry.


Nokia’s attempt to get a bigger share of the North American market could be successful if more devices were sold through carriers,  adding marketing to the mix could also help;  the just released Nokia 5800 NAM could be a very good candidate for a subsided price on ATT, as well as the N85 and the N79 released some months ago, for now we will have see the outcome of the E71x, if it will be a success, or not

Via: Washington Post