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Nokia E7 Supports Flash Version 10.1

While having an interesting talk with the product managers of the Nokia E7 at Nokia World, Devin from The Nokia Guide had the brilliant idea of checking the Flash version capable of running on the E7. With Android already supporting Flash 10.1, Nokia¬†definitely¬†couldn’t lag behind in the area in which they were always leaders: Nokia phones were for years the only smartphones in the market that were Flash enabled.

The E7 pictured above is running an “early” firmware, and, as you can see from the official Adobe site, is supporting Flash 10.1. I am not sure what version that web browser was, but it has certainly improved from previous S^1 versions as several sites that fail to open in, lets say the N97, can be viewed on the E7. There is also a rumor about a brand new web browser for S^3 devices which will come later this year. The web browser is supposed to be built on QtWebKit and support new technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and a new Javascript engine.

  • Fourthsight

    what about the n8?

  • Pk

    or N97?

  • W00t

    thats totally wrong… you will get the same information on your n8 on the adobe flash check page…. it’s Flas Lite 4.0!