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Nokia E7: Some Details Appear About the Mysterious E7

The Nokia E7 is on the way! This mysterious device was completely leaked some months ago, even a video was made in which Nokia remotely wiped the E7 in the middle of the video. The Nokia E7 is more or less the big brother of the N8, it features a very similar design, but some features have been changed to justify the jump of N to E. This device is really exciting, it is finally something you can show against the iPhone4, Galaxy S and other Android devices without being ashamed of your Nokia device not responding to your gestures. So the big news for this device is that it will apparently be available by Christmas, so prepare your wallet for the Holiday season because the E7 is coming. Below are the known specifications of the E7, my favorite? A good AMOLED Capacitive screen measuring 4”. I am also eager to see the Eseries customizations for Symbian^3.

– Model : Nokia E7
– Full 4-row QWERTY
– 4” Display with AMOLED and Capacitive Technology, Multitouch enabled
– 1 Ghz Processor (Snapdragon rumoured) with graphics support (unconfirmed)
– 256 MB RAM
– 1024 MB ROM
– 16 GB internal memory with microSD expansion
– 3.5 mm audio jack
– 8 MP camera with LED flash (No Carl-Zeiss)
– HD video recording
– HDMI output (updated!)
– Microsoft Office Communicator Suite
– Symbian^3 OS
– Max thickness: 13.8mm
– Anodised Aluminium chassis (similar to N8)
– 1200 mAh removable battery (doesn’t seem a lot but Eseries are excellent in this area)


  • David Puffer

    Interesting timing with the N8 soon to be released. I want the N8 but I might force myself to hold out for this instead. It's got the tilt keyboard I love from my current N97. A 4″ capacitive AMOLED screen as well? Count me in since 3.5 is just too small now. 16GB is reasonable but the N97 had 32. Why the downgrade recently with this and the N8, especially if someone would be taking hi-rez images and storing videos? If the Snapdragon rumor is true, this phone will fly! I played with a Droid X and wow, that phone was snappy.

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  • James

    This is probably my next phone. It will depend on how long it will be before the N9 with MeeGo comes out. Decisions, decisions….

  • Arturas Martinaitis

    In which country it become at first?

  • Geof_58

    My wife has the N8 – which is fabulous. I watched Mad Men on iplayer! Myself I need a keyboard. Hurry up Nokia.