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Nokia E7 Clear Black Display vs. Galaxy S Super AMOLED

“Three letters, CBD, CBD” Said Anssi Vanjoki when Nokia introduced the technology at Nokia World 2010. He explained that CBD, which stands for Clear Black Display, is “a premium touchscreen that provides higher contrast viewing experience than anything before.”

But lets remember that Nokia’s phones with CBD are also AMOLED, so technically, the E7 has a CBD AMOLED display. It is really nice to see that Nokia is up there competing with Samsung in display technology, but what is the difference between Samsung’s SuperAMOLED and Nokia’s CBD AMOLED displays? Here is the E7 vs. the Galaxy S. They have both a 4″ display, but they have different technologies over the standard AMOLED.

The E7 product manager explained that CBD is a filter that blocks light from entering the screen, so annoying reflections won’t show in the screen hindering the user’s view. The result? According to Nokia, you should be able to see your CDB AMOLED display comfortably outdoors.

So which one is better? I believe that this is a very subjective opinion. Some people will think that SuperAMOLED produces better colors, and others will think the E7’s CBD AMOLED is superior. The truth is that the Galaxy S display might be better than the E7’s, but that will be because of the resolution. The Galaxy S has a 480 x 800 display, while the E7 has the typical 360 x 640 nHD display. Which screen do you think is better?

  • Jeetu4444


  • http://twitter.com/chilko chilko

    don't forget that galaxy s screen is pentile and this leads to a slightly lower actual resolution. e7's screen is rgb

  • guest1

    Well as a complete phone I prefer Nokia even if Samsung has higher resolution. For me the design and materials of E7 give it a more quality feeling, and displays are very much similar in real life. A bit lower resoution might consume less power, giving an edge in operation time too.

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  • Hdhdsdd

    Love nokia..i hope they will make an Android phone!!

    • dsmobile

      they are making a Meego phone. It's is better choice for Linux based OS anyway.

  • Sfdsdfsdf

    I will return to Nokia when will sell an ANDROID PHONE, actually i prefer Nokia over all the others costructor, both hardware and support nokia are the best one for me. But..Android is too far from others that i will not going back to symbian. Please, Do an ANDROID PHONE!

  • jobs_moron

    nokia need to switch to android, ovi is crap and always will be………

    • edumana

      Nokia doesn't need Android… at all.

  • JFH_Engadget

    E7, all the way.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t

  • Mkha007

    I am SURE 100%: If nokia didn’t invent new software system like android all people will transfare to another companies. there is a big hole between android and symbian systems. most people now like android system. so please nokia change to android or make new system

    • MyOpinion

      even though many LOVE android, more actually USE symbian cause its more affordable and familiar..even with all the shortcoming it has..juz think of how many years people have been living with symbian.no matter how imperfect it maybe, people are just TOO used to it..think of it like a marriage.. :D

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  • Vvvshzvvv

    Learn to take photos for tech review please. Never do a screen comparison on a photo that is taken from an angle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Yurik-Slobodianyk/1816081527 Yurik Slobodianyk

    Symbian is really old, obsolete, MeeGo is the next system for Nokia to conquer the mobile phone world. Just can’t understand what then are waiting for so long…

  • MyOpinion

    lol then it would be an X8 instead..and there comes a lawsuit from SE..