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Nokia E7 and C7: The Torch Feature Is Back!

Remember the Nokia N93? It was a pretty advanced phone in its era, but, I specially remember it because of the awesome flashlight feature. You just pressed a button and the LED Flash lighted your way, showed you your lost keys, and let you bug your friends by pointing the flash to their faces.

This awesome feature is back! And it is better integrated this time as there is no dedicated flashlight button, yet it works better than if it there was one. By holding the unlock key on the Nokia E7 or the Nokia C7, the flash will turn on. You can either hold to it for the light to remain on, or you can hold it shortly and the flashlight will remain on for a couple of seconds before automatically going off. This feature is a small one, but little things like this is what makes a device great. We are already waiting for the E7 and C7 to start shipping! (for those asking whether the N8 has this feature, just remember the N8 has a Xenon flash, so it can’t remain ON)

  • Bhavesh

    Thanks for clearing the doubt on N8 !!

    • Kelpa32

      N8 should have both Xenon and LED like SE being doing long ago.

  • jgallo02

    Hey there, Joe from Nokia here. Just wanted to highlight that both the Nokia E72 and E73 Mode have the torch feature as well. If you hold down the spacebar, the camera's flash acts as a torch or

    • edumana

      Thanks Joe! Was forgetting that…

  • http://twitter.com/VidurG Vidur Garg

    E63 has the torch too :)

  • http://www.best-mobile-contracts.co.uk Dazzler

    I really miss the torch feature. The majority of the smartphones that I’ve had over the past few years neglect to build in this feature.

  • http://www.facebook.com/randee.collado Randee Collado

    1. Close all apps.
    2. Make sure that you had deactivated the power saving mode.
    3. slide the lock button for 5 seconds
    and voila! torch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/randee.collado Randee Collado

    Here’s the trick! :) 

    1. Close all apps.2. Make sure that you had deactivated the power saving mode.
    3. Slide the lock button for 5 seconds
    and voila! “torchy” is so on!

  • Mra Rafeeq

    lock key is on the right side. hold it for atleast 5 mnts.

  • Tt_puky

    thank you