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Nokia E63 Successor Leaks As Nokia Mystic: Possibly Nokia E67 or E68

Today a pic from a weird full QWERTY Nokia leaked all over the internet. Take a look:

The first time I looked at this phone I though: ”must be some Chinese phone pretending to be a Nokia.” But at second sight -and thought- it does look like an ”original” Nokia. My opinion is that this weird looking phone will replace the Nokia E63 as the cheap full-QWERTY smartphone every teen wants.  This phone will obviously not replace the Nokia E72: see its all plastic and doesn’t have the cool optical dpad?

Apparently this phone will have a 5 Megapixel camera and is called Mystic, of course the final name will be something like E67 or E68 (I am pretty sure because: it will be an E6x because its range, then: E60, E61, E62, E63, E65 and E66 are taken. E64 doesn’t work because 4 sounds like ”death” in some Asian countries and E67 or E68 are just cool and available for a new device similar of that pictured above )

The design is a bit ugly, Nokia could do much better (although a leak shot shouldn’t be used to condemn this poor thing). What does look interesting is the keyboard, looks a bit bigger than the keyboard from the E72, and well, the 5 Megapixel camera is cool to have on any phone. Lets hope this one comes at a really nice cheap price, otherwise, would you like to have it?

Via: EngadgetMobile