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Nokia E55 vs Nokia E52 | What Is The Difference? Which One To Get?

The Nokia E55 was announced back at the Mobile World Congress in February of ’09, being the successor of the popular Nokia E51. The Nokia E55 is an awesome little phone, here at NMB we are big fans of this interesting device. First, it is the first Nokia device with a semi-QWERTY keyboard improving messaging over the old T9 keyboard,  and secondly, it has the best battery life ever on a Nokia smartphone with over 1 month of stand-by time!. But is not only that what makes the E55 such an interesting device, there are other things that we think – are awesome. For example the Nokia E55 is the thinnest Nokia smartphone ever, even thinner than the Nokia E71.  The E55 has also an amazing build-quality and materials, that plus the size makes the E55 probably the most compact and resistant Nokia smartphone to date. The E55 has also other interesting features like a 3.5mm Audio Jack, digital compass!, GPS and a 3.2 Megapixel camera. All in all,  we see the Nokia E55 as a compact, reliable and flexible smartphone with lots and lots of potential, not to mention the white version looks ridiculously good.


But soon after the Nokia E55 was announced, the Nokia E52 was announced too and everybody got confused (but don’t worry, we are here to explain everything). The Nokia E52 is similar to the Nokia E55, has the same great battery life, built-quality, digital compass, GPS, thinnest smartphone…bla bla bla. So what exactly is the difference? The difference between the Nokia E55 and the Nokia E52 is basically two things, the first and most important is that the E52 has a T9 standard keyboard rather than the semi-QWERTY keyboard. And the second thing, is that the Nokia E52 has a noise cancelling earpice, which the Nokia E55 lacks. As always Nokia had to make it confusing for the user to decide which one to get, we still go for the E55 because of the keyboard, but the noise cancelling earpice for clearer voice calls is also a great thing to have on a smartphone.

Here are two videos, the first of the Nokai E55 and the second one of the Nokia E52. Which one to get? We say E55 all the way! 


E55 Video:

E52 Video:


    Does any of this model have Meessage “Send later ” facility ?

    • edward

      Hm, if they have it, they both have it, software is the same.

  • marcus

    Looking at the detailed spec sheets in nokia.com both seem to have the same noise cancellation functionality. So, they key difference is the enhanced text input method in E55.

    • edward

      Ohh, interesting find marcus, will have to update the post

  • tom

    Hi guys, You’ve got informed about Nokia E55 also having noise cancelling functionality over a month ago (marcus’s post from June 11th) and the post here is still not updated. Please do the update because this only makes confusion. I don’t think it is so hard to change 2-3 sentences of text, is it? ;)

  • Dinu

    Hi sir . I want browse internet through mobile. So pls suggest me, which mobile will support all kind of surf of all sites. Mobile must from nokia.

    • edward

      The Nokia N97 is a great choice, big screen, qwerty keyboardd. You can also try the E71 or wait for the E72 and install skyfire on it

  • Constantine

    i am playing with Nokia E 52 its a great cell with all the features , even the full focus camera is ok and yes there is noise cancelling which many people will say a firmware ll get it in E 55 but no its the presence of grill over grill speaker mechanism which gets activated almost every time a call is make so is it great it may have been but Nokia got something wrong and it actually distorts or even mute the calls a few times , so a blessing in disguise for e 55 not having it , by the way Nokia knew it at release time so they fixed it for E 72 lastly it works ok where signal strength is mid range but ll trouble at low reception a little point here is that it doesnt do anything for increasing or betterment for reception . . . simplicity got its value . . . Try reading the Nokia E 72 review on mobile-review.com it ll explain in more detail as i am only a very little geek :) stay happy all

  • Constantine Rai

    E 52 does has a very faulted system of voice cancellation so a blessing in disguise that E 55 doesnt has a feature to be missed , read about it on mobile-review.com on E 72 review

  • Narada

    The difference is in the 3G bands supported, the E55 is triband WCDMA (850, 1900, 2100) where as the E52 is dual band (850, 2100) and more importantly the E52 is released and available now, where as the E55 is nowhere to be seen.

  • blue

    Where are you from Narada? I have the E55 for over 3 months now (in Switzerland) and happy with it. Ok I have to admit that I got it from a special dealer as it was still listed under “coming soon” when I bought it. But nevertheless it’s normally available now.

    • edward

      I am in the US, and even though I thought that the E55 was going to be available here, it is not! I wanted it, but well….

  • Husnain Rasheed

    Ahhhh! I was really confused about both of these phones. bcz I found almost all the things & specs same in both at several sites….
    so confused little bit which one to purchse…. now I’ll go for E52!
    Thnks 4 sharing…

  • Warwickl

    The E52 is a piece of junk.

    I have owned Nokias since 1995 upgrading about once a year (probably 15 phones over the years).


    E52 Email accounts are v difficult to set up – requiring extensive googling to force a workaround compared to E51.


    The E51 mail client allowed me to download Emails directly from my POP server, and also choose how much of the email to download by truncating large mails – great if you are in limited bandwidth / connectivity areas (I frequently spend time in the bush with little or no data coverage, and like to be able to download batches of Emails when I briefly get into coverage areas, and then respond to emails off-line or out of data coverage areas. I have been using the Think Outside bluetooth keyboard synced to the E51 and previously the N series to compose sometimes lengthy Email responses for work).

    With the E52, Nokia appears to be trying to copy the Blackberry email server service – but failing miserably. WITH E52 I AM NOT ABLE TO REPLY TO AN EMAIL BEFORE THE PHONE HAS DOWNLOADED THE WHOLE MESSAGE. IE I AM NOT ABLE TO REPLY TO A LARGE EMAIL UNLESS I AM IN A DATA COVERAGE AREA. With v limited data speeds and several hundred emails a day several of which are over 1 meg, this situation renders the E52 completely unusable for Emails (whereas the E51 handled this situation perfectly – I could respond to all Emails offline, place reply emails in the outbox and the E51 would send all unsent mails as soon as I got back into coverage.


    E52 web browser zoom function and bookmarking is a giant leap backwards compared to E51.

    I couldnt get calendar exchange to work on E52 and gave up after about 10 hours of trying (whereas on my Blackberry 9700 and Iphone, these worked immediately , seamlessly.

    Nokia Maps require a data connection to work (which completely defeats the objective of having the maps downloaded onto yr phone)
    Nokia Maps are imcomplete compared to google maps.
    Google maps is a far better mapping solution on yr Nokia.

    compared to Apple apps, or Blackberry apps.

    After 15 years of loyalty, Nokia has broken my trust in their brand, and I have moved to Blackberry Bold 9700 (4 months into my E52 contract – at a huge financial penalty), and I am delighted with the Blackberry in all regards. I also use the Iphone for aviation and other apps and as a reader (kindle) and have also been v happy with the Iphone, but prefer the Blackberry as my primary business phone. Blackberry Apps are not as good as Iphone, but Blackberry does the basics (Phone, Emails, contacts, calendar exchange, battery life) extremely well, and will do everything my E51 did (above) – only much easier and better.

    My only gripe with the blackberry is that I cant connect my Bluetooth keyboard – but the advantages outweigh this problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000291683175 Darshan Tulsyan

    hey… did kolkata have e52 nokia ? but i find many shop but it dont have e52 cuz nokia stop to make e52 nokia.. is this correct ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000291683175 Darshan Tulsyan

    Did kolkata have e52 nokia but i find many shop but it dont have e52 nokia because nokia stop to make e52 nikia ?? is this correct ?