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Nokia E55 Software Update: The E55 Gets New Firmware!

The Nokia E55 just got a new software update! I always wanted a Nokia E55, unfortunately Nokia didn’t release an E55 for the US. This phone seems so practical and powerful that it would make a great phone for risk situations where you don’t want to take a more expensive device, like camping, gym etc…

Anyway, the Nokia E55 got a new firmware. The new software update for the E55 is v33. It is still unknown what specific things were changed on V33, the only obvious one is that the free version of Ovi Maps now comes pre-installed on the phone. Nothing else is known, you can get the new software update on your E55 by going to ”SW Update,” which means that you can do it OTA without a computer. If you find anything new on the new software for the E55 please leave a comment with your finding!

Via: AAS