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Nokia E55 Photo Gallery – First Semi QWERTY from Nokia


The Nokia E55 was announced along with the E75 two months ago at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but when the E55 was announced the E75 stole all the attention. And not because the public and fans thought that the E75 was a far superior device, it was because Nokia itself gave 10 times more attention to the E75 and left the E55 ”’rejected,” but in my opinion the Nokia E55 is a far superior device than the Nokia E75, I see the E55 as the most reliable, compact, intuitive, complete and user friendly device from Nokia right now.

The E55 packs a 3.2Megapixel camera with Fixed Focus, the first SEMI-QWERTY keyboard on a Nokia device, 3.5mm audio Jack, GPS with digital compass and of course all the standard stuff from high-end models like WI-FI, Bluetooth, Flash Lite 3 enabled browser and SD slot.

But the interesting and amazing highlights from the Nokia E55 are the size and the stand-by time, the E55 is thinner than the E71 and even better built since it is almost an all metal phone. The E55 also can reach the amazing time of 1 month in stand-by time without charging. I just see the E55 perfect for a trip to some jungle, camping or just for someone who has a very active lifestyle and needs a messaging powerhouse that can resist any damage while being charged the whole time.

On top, the E55 will have a friendly price tag and will launch in the next 2 months at the most! I already want a white one! In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the pics taken by my friend Meraj Chhaya from PhoneReport.

Via: PhoneReport v2.0