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Nokia E5: Quick Hands On The Nokia E5

The Nokia E5 is a really interesting handset. It is a pure, powerful, Eseries device, but at a more accessible price of about 250USD. The Nokia E5 is not the successor of the E72 or the E71, it is more of a replacement for the Nokia E63. The Nokia E5 is obviously a higher end version of the C3, but not as high end as the Nokia E72. I see the E5 perfect for those who don’t want to pay much for a powerful smartphone, in fact, the Nokia E5 is just that: a powerful smartphone at an unbelievable price.

Anyway, the Nokia E5 is not yet available; so not many live pics are available out there. Here is a quick hands on the white Nokia E5, what do you think about it? By the way, lets not forget the specs of the E5: fast 600mHz processor, 250mb Memory, GPS, 5 MP Camera and full QWERTY keyboard that combines excellently with all the messaging powers of the E5. Impressive.

  • netborn

    Hey, nice joke, this was literally a hands on, an E5 on a hand…

    • Ed

      Yeah, a hands on is just a quick view of the device in real life (not the polished official pics that Nokia releases) after that goes: preview and then review!