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Nokia E5: Nokia Messaging Overview And Some Thoughts

Nokia is really trying to push forward Nokia Messaging in the market. Right now, much of their focus is pointed towards the messaging apps and services that new Nokia phones offer. For example, the new Nokia E5. Below is the video showing how Nokia Messaging works. Is it that great?

Well, I have a few thoughts on the new Nokia E5 and the messaging aspect of it. I have to admit that the whole new homescreen looks cool, the email app also seems like it evolved from previous handsets and might be ready for prime time. However, Nokia is forgetting some important things. For example, what about threaded SMS  messaging. Threaded messaging allows you to keep track of the conversation in a more intuitive chat-like form. The ”single” SMS option in current Nokia phones seems like from the past century. I know some people might not want threaded messaging, that is why Nokia should just add the option and let the user choose if he/she wants to enable it or not.

Other thought that came to my mind while having a look at the homescreen of the E5, are the thumbnail pictures for contacts. Who really takes the time to take a picture of 20+ contacts? And if you do, the improvised pics definitively won’t look as cool as Nokia shows in the video. That is why Nokia should implement some sort of Facebook/Twitter image puller app like Hermes on the N900, or my Nexus One which already does it automatically. This way, you have everyone’s picture on your phone without taking the time to take each picture separately, not to mention that people already worried about having a cool pic in their Facebook profile, so chances are, you are going to have a cooler homescreen.  Those small things is what would really improve the user experience on Nokia phones.

  • http://mateuy.blogspot.com/ Andres Mendina

    Hello, I have an old N95, and I`m able to have the pictures of my contacts synchronized, I´m using mail for exchange with google apps, and the avatar pictures of GTalk are automatically synchronized with my contacts on my phone. It´s really great.
    I think you should be able to do the same in almost any new device.

    • edward

      But doesn’t work with Facebook, right?

  • http://mateuy.blogspot.com/ Andres Mendina

    I guess not, they only way is that Facebook support the Exchange protocol. I checked Hermes, but I don´t know how they get the sync work on N900.

    • edward

      Must be an API that Facebook provides.

    • Mansuorp1


  • Covo
    • edward

      Really interesting, I kind of agree with the letter. Nokia was the leader, now it is struggling…releasing crappy flagships….delaying Maemo (MeeGo) flagship device instead of releasing something really impressing….using resistive screens on the year 2010…..supporting an old platform like symbian (and delaying S^3 which if is going to be what we saw on the videos some months ago, it is already outdated) …..lacking at least a decent presence in the US …. anyone can see it…

  • Ashishbabbar

    i dnt think so that this phone is available..
    & i also dont think so that the phone is available in rs 11000… bcs in e 72 is also having the same features and it cost arnd 18000..