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Nokia E5 Multitasks 74 Apps, Nokia Learns From Previous Mistakes

Let’s remember the Nokia N97 for a moment: you unlock the device, put some music on, sign into Gravity, open the web browser, and suddenly apps start closing, or even worse, the annoying “Memory Full” pop-up appears. That is now in the past! There isn’t a flagship device from Nokia, so the N97 is technically Nokia’s flagship, but what about the other devices that have been announced?

I really didn’t see it coming from the Nokia E5. This device, which was released just a couple of months ago, manages to run 74 applications at the same time, without any custom firmware or any other modifications. That is 12 apps more than the Samsung i8910, which by the way, was running a custom software. The fact that the E5 runs this many apps isn’t just cool because – well… the E5 can run so many apps, but because Nokia finally got that we need plenty of memory on our devices. Who’s the multitasking king? Nokia!

Via: Mobile Geek

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  • enyibinakata

    Nokia is no 1. No doubt