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Nokia, don’t Let HTC get Ahead in the U.S!

Scary news came out this morning about AT&T announcing the “Windows Phone” 8x coming early November to their network. Where’s Nokia? The Lumia 920 and 820 have been at Nokia USA’s website since day one, but Nokia has not even mentioned which carrier will offer the phones later this year. One possible explanation, is that Nokia is waiting for AT&T to exhaust Lumia 900 inventories so they can safely make an announcement and start advertising the 920. They wouldn’t want piles of unsold 900s, and practically zero sales between announcement and when the 920 comes out. This could be one reason why Apple ships so close to announcement, the delay between announcement-release is zero, and so are Apple’s lost sales while transitioning.

Among other news, Nokia is not allowing carriers to brand the 820 and 920. That means AT&T will not be able to put their ugly logo on the upper left corner of the 920, if they pick it up from Nokia anyway.