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Nokia CP-553 Leather Case for N9 and Lumia 800 | Review

I like my phones naked. But it’s just not possible to maintain a phone looking like new without any protection. I was browsing Nokia’s official accessories for the N9 and Lumia 800 and found an elegant solution. The CP-553 is a leather pouch in which you can slide your Lumia 800 or N9 for extra protection while looking elegant and refined.

My first N9, the cyan N9 I unboxed a couple of months ago, got some nasty scratches on the screen. How? I have no idea, I didn’t drop the phone; it’s unexplainable but gorilla glass does get scratches under very specific circumstances. After learning from that bad experience, I got the CP-553 for my cyan 800; the phone still looks like new. I think phones scratch not when you have them in your hand, but when they are on a table, in a pocket, or laying around somewhere.

I would give the CP-553 a 10/10: it’s simple, effective, elegant, and not that expensive. You can check out Nokia covers, or the Nokia CP-553 I got at mobile-fun.