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Nokia, Could You Work Out A Deal For The N8 With ATT Please?

I really don’t get why Nokia doesn’t sell their smartphones through any carrier in the US, the last Nseries phone subsided by an American carrier was the E75! Of course that more recently we have had the Nokia Nuron, Surge, E71x and so on, but nothing really interesting. I think that part of why Nokia doesn’t sell smartphones here in the US is because they are really different markets from the European. I mean, a N97 would be too complex to sell here in US to the masses, I think of it as a device with an ”European design.” Other devices like the N86 and N900 are also not what the average people are looking for, here people seem to like touchscreen phones without keyboards.

In short conclusion, Nokia doesn’t have a presence in the US, in people’s mind’s Nokia is the ”Chinese manufacturer of cheap phones.” So Nokia, this time that you are getting it right with the Nokia N8, why not offer it through a carrier in the US. It could be T-Mobile or AT&T since 3G works with both. This type of phone is something I see selling here. Plus, it would be a great opportunity for OPK to finally introduce Nokia to the US market like he promised, and has failed to do, several years ago. I would love to see the catchy song and N8 commercials on National TV while SNL is live, I mean, why not?