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Nokia Contest: Creating the Nokia Tune of the Future

Everyone’s heard it before; people in the most remote places on earth can distinguish it, it’s the Nokia Tune. The Nokia Tune has preserved its characteristic musical notes over the years, but the ringtone has certainly changed from its first version. There’s been five versions of the Nokia Tune to this date, but how and when did it start?

I didn’t know the Nokia Tune was based on Franciso Tarrago’s Grand Vals, but anyway, here’s the other video you guys have to watch. It’s the history of Nokia Tunes in past Nokia phones.

The video awakens old memories; as a Nokia fan I remembered all my past Nokia phones that had the different ringtones played in the video. But did anyone pay attention to the last phone to arrive to the party? If you look closely, it has Live Tiles in it! Yes, Windows Phone Live Tiles. If you look even closer, there also seems to be some sort of swiping effect at the very end of the video; could that possibly be some sort of Windows Phone and SwipeUI hybrid? To put it short, and for the lack of words really, if that was true I would pee in my pants…

Anyway, lets get to the news. If you think you can do a better Nokia Tune, there’s an opportunity for you to show it. Nokia has opened a contest that lets users submit ringtones; the prize is that the ringtone will be featured along Nokia’s own Nokia Tune in their 2012 lineup of devices–ohh, and $10.000 USD. Nokia has made interesting contests in the past, but this is by far the best one in my opinion. The contest ends in about 25 days, if you are interested in creating the next Nokia Tune head over to Audio Draft.