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Nokia Competition: The Chance to Win A Free Nokia N97!

Nokia usually runs pretty cool contests, and often there are amazing prizes. But this contest that Nokia is currently running has a far better prize, a Nokia N97 before public release!! Could you imagine having that great phone before everyone else?  The competition is very interesting, anyone can do it and there are no special skills needed, all you have to do is design a WIDGET for the N97.  The contest asks to design a WIDGET but does not ask to code it, all you have to do is create a Photoshop or Paint image of how you would like to see a WIDGET for the N97.  If you don’t know what a WIDGET is, it is an element on the desktop that saves time to the user, if you still don’t understand what a WIDGET is then follow watch some examples here. And if you want to start competing and submiting your design to win a free Nokia N97 follow the link below. The winner will be announced March13th.

Nokia N97 Competition