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Nokia.com Is Finally Getting a Redesign! Here is The Preview

I don’t know for how long Nokia has been using the same design on the Nokia.com website, but it is now a couple of years old and should have been changed 2 years ago or so. Anyway, Nokia today announced through their Twitter account that they are working in a new design for the Nokia.com website, about time!

The new design is somewhat minimalistic, it is really simple, looks similar to a blog and you would never think that is the official website of a company because it lacks all the cool flash animations and movement that big companies use in their websites, in fact, the new Nokia.com site uses mostly text and few images. However, as you get into the website and navigate through the categories (Nokia has now categorized their devices in High-Performance, Style etc..) you can notice that the design changes from the homescreen and actually looks like a company website. I haven’t decided yet if I like it, but I think it will grow in me because of its simplicity. Not to mention that it is still in beta! You can check the new Nokia.com style website here: http://beta.nokia.ie/