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Nokia Care USA Review – Do They Care About Customers?


It is no secret that Nokia is completely hidden in the North American market, with no marketing at all and only two Flagship stores in the whole country, the only way that Nokia keeps selling in the USA is only, and only because the internet; blogs and sites like this one that their main objective is talking about Nokia. As Nokia is very little in the USA, they do sell phones here but when it comes to repair and exchange it is not as easy as in Europe where there are Nokia centers everywhere, here it is a completely different story.

I bought a Nokia 5800 from NokiaUSA, it came one month after I pre-ordered it and everything was fine until it got a dead pixel, at first it got fixed but another one appeared soon after. As I have always heard really bad stories about the Nokia USA Care Repair/Exchange center, I really did not want to send my 5800; stories like the repair took 2 months, or they forgot to send the battery cover etc.. really made me want to just get used to the dead pixel. I really could not get used to the dead pixel and decided to just give a call to the Nokia Care center, so I got my 5800 and dialed.

After waiting a reasonable amount of time, a really nice man asked me for my details and proceeded to ask what did I need. I explained that 5 day old Nokia 5800 got a dead pixel and wanted to know what could be done, he then suggested to take the battery etc.. but he quickly got that I already did that and was definitively a hardware issue.  So he told me to wait, I did and 5 minutes after I got a really nice surprise! He told me that they would exchange my 5800 for a brand new one, that in fact he already had talked with the warehouse and was shipping today!  He then told me to get the old 5800 in the packet and be ready for it to be picked up by FedEx the next day, he gave me the tracking info and told me to expect my new 5800 Tuesday.

I was really impressed by the trust to the client and efficiency of the Nokia USA Care Team. The guy sent me a brand new 5800 as soon as I called and arranged for FedEx to pick the packet up the next day, and no I did not pay any shipping or restocking fee.  I was still a little bit doubtful that everything was so easy, so the guy just told me to expect the new 5800 the next Tuesday and if there was something wrong just to call again.

To my surprise the brand new Nokia 5800 arrived Tuesday as he said,  I inspected it closely and has no defect and is not the same phone I sent because I took note of the IMEI and then compared it with the new one. So what do I have to say? I think that Nokia Care USA is an awesome service that really minds about the customer and cares about them, a 10 out of 10 for sure, Thursday I had a bad 5800 and Tuesday I had a brand new one, but the best part is that they sent the phone before I even shipped it so they really take your word and respect you as a client, I have to say that I am completely impressed and Nokia just got a stronger point on their side since now I can easily recommend Nokia phones to other friends since we are all backed up with such a service that cares about to customer.  So conclusion is, if you have any problem with your phone just give them a call, you wont even have to look for the phone since it should came pre-loaded in your Nokia NAM version. 

Nokia Care: 10/10

Good: Fast, reliable, trust in the customer, really good service, record time to exchange products

Bad: absolutely nothing